Monday, March 9, 2020

Online Digital Exhibition on Arts, Paintings, Handicraft Works & Other Innovative Work done by Railway Women Officials of N. F. Railway

Online Digital Exhibition on Arts, Paintings, Handicraft Works & Other Innovative Work done by 
Railway Women Officials of  N. F. Railway


1. Smt. Alomita Biswas, OS under PCSTE/NFR/HQ/Maligaon : 
    Online Exhibition of Art, Painting & Handicraft Works

2. Smt. Sulema Begum, Senior Section Officer under PFA/NFR/HQ/Maligaon : 
    Online Exibition of Creative Handwork

3. Smt. Olivia Goswami, OS/E under PCPO/NFR/HQ/Maligaon : 
    Online Exhibition of Art & Painting

4. Shri Sibsankar Roy Laskar, TGT/Netaji Vidyapith RHSS, Maligaon : 
    Online Exhibitionof Painting based on Indian Women in 21st Century


This is an online Digital Exhibition on Handicrafts/Arts/ Paintings/Literary Works/Innovative Works done by Railway Women Officials.

Notification was circulated inviting Railway women employees to submit their self-created handicraft works/Arts/Paintings/Literary Works/Innovative Works, if any. Online exhibition is open for all Railway Women Officials of N. F. Railway. 

Women Officials are requested to submit their images of Handicrafts/Arts/ Paintings/Literary Works/Innovative Works etc. through email at


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